Why summer time warmth can spell chaos to your pores and skin and deal with it

Summer time usually brings pores and skin points. Right here’s handle these itches, bumps and crimson, flaky patches.

Warmth and humidity are upon us — lastly! 

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What this implies for us Aussies is extra time spent open air, basking within the daylight and having fun with nature. 

However this doesn’t come with out its perils.

The change in temperature, publicity to solar and different bodily adjustments reminiscent of elevated sweating can create pores and skin points as our pores and skin barrier is met with completely different challenges, starting from creepy-crawly sensations to lumps, bumps, peeling and burning.

Right here, we take a look at deal with some frequent pores and skin points.

Warmth rash (miliaria)

Sweating in scorching and humid situations is regular. 

Nonetheless, the surplus sweat could block the sweat glands, which ends up in sweat-filled, bubble-like formations below the pores and skin.

These tiny spots have a tendency to look the place sweat collects, such because the again, chest and groin, and may really feel itchy and prickly. 

However the situation normally resolves inside a day or so after the highest layer of pores and skin rubs off.

Infants and youngsters usually tend to expertise miliaria than adults as their sweat glands are nonetheless growing. 

However individuals who put on transdermal medication patches or tight clothes, or work out, are additionally in danger.

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Decreasing sweating is one of the best ways to forestall warmth rash. 

Put on breathable clothes, exfoliate the pores and skin recurrently and take away something that blocks the pores and skin, reminiscent of lotions, lotions and patches.

To deal with the situation, keep away from scratching, apply one thing chilly, reminiscent of a humid material, to the world and converse to your pharmacist about calamine lotion or cortisone cream to alleviate signs.


Chafing occurs when pores and skin rubs on pores and skin, inflaming the dermis, the pores and skin’s high layer. 

In heat climate, sweat and warmth can worsen the situation.

Areas which are usually affected by chafing embrace neck creases, between the thighs, below the breasts, within the armpits, between the buttocks, and the groin.

Weight problems and diabetes are two huge danger components for chafing, however the situation can have an effect on anybody with pores and skin that rubs.

Signs embrace itching, burning, tingling and ache. 

Given the dermis is residence to many micro organism and fungi, an infection is quite common. 

If contaminated, the rash could look moist and launch discharge/pus.

To stop and deal with chafing, use merchandise that soothe and defend the pores and skin, reminiscent of barrier lotions, balms and lubricants. 

Antiperspirants are additionally helpful as they include aluminium compounds that block your sweat ducts and cut back sweating.

Fungal infections

The highest layer of our pores and skin is residence to quite a lot of micro organism and fungi, which more often than not don’t trigger any points. 

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Nonetheless, heat and moist situations present these fungi with the optimum breeding floor to develop and multiply.

Throughout the hotter months, after we are sweatier, we’re extra inclined to infections ensuing from an overgrowth of those fungi.

Tinea is a standard and contagious fungal an infection. 

It impacts areas together with the toes, toes, scalp and groin. 

Signs embrace crimson, flaky, cracked, peeling and itchy pores and skin, which can blister.

Vaginal thrush is one other frequent fungal an infection. 

It presents as a white, thick discharge, itchiness, soreness, redness and irritation of the vulva.

Genital thrush may happen in males, inflicting the penis to turn out to be itchy, sore or crimson, or a thick, white substance or crimson rash can seem below the foreskin.

Therapy for fungal infections is normally antifungal lotions. 

See your pharmacist or GP for recommendation.

To keep away from athlete’s foot, a standard tinea, put on footwear in public showers and round swimming pools and hold toes and toes dry.

To keep away from genital thrush, change your underwear each day and get out of swimwear bottoms and gymnasium put on as quickly as practicable.  

Written by Jala Moushi, Melbourne-based group pharmacist.