Get pleasure from this easy fruity punch good for a calming night and leisure, plus it’s alcohol-free which implies it’s nice for youths.


1 black tea bag; e.g. assam

400 ml apple juice

200 ml peach nectar

1 peach

80 g pink or black currants

80 g blueberries

24 ice cubes


Step 1.

Pour 200 ml boiling water over the tea bag and go away to brew for about 3 minutes. 

Step 2.

Take away the bag and add 200 ml chilly water with the apple juice and peach nectar. 

Step 3.

Lower the peach into wedges and place in 4 glasses (approx. 400 ml capability) with the berries and ice cubes. Pour over the tea combination and serve.

Serves 4.