Purple rice paper rolls

Table of Contents


12 purple cabbage leaves (thick stems discarded)

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50g vermicelli noodles

200g shredded cooked rooster or fried agency tofu

2 spring onions (scallions), thinly sliced

1 tbsp candy chilli sauce, plus additional to serve

2 tbsp fried shallots

12 spherical rice paper sheets, 22 cm (8½ inch) in diameter

1 bunch of Thai basil, leaves picked

1 lebanese (brief) cucumber, reduce into matchsticks

1 carrot, to serve

Shredded lime wedges, to serve


Step 1.

Place the cabbage and noodles in a heatproof bowl. Cowl with boiling water and stand for 4 minutes to melt; this will even flip your noodles purple. Enjoyable!

Step 2.

Drain the noodles and place in a bowl. Drain the cabbage sheets on a paper towel.

Step 3.

In a bowl, mix the rooster (or tofu), spring onions, candy chilli sauce and fried shallots.

Step 4.

Working with one sheet at a time, soak the rice paper in heat water for 10 to twenty seconds, or till simply softened, then drain on a clear tea towel. Place a Thai basil leaf after which a cabbage leaf excessive. Add two tablespoons of the rooster (or tofu) combination, then some noodles, cucumber and carrot.

Step 5.

Roll up simply the cabbage to create a small cabbage parcel, then place it in direction of the underside of the rice paper sheet. Convey the underside fringe of the rice paper up and over the cabbage roll, convey the perimeters in, then roll as much as enclose the filling.

Step 6.

Place on a serving plate and canopy with a barely damp fabric to cease it drying out. Repeat to make 12 rolls. Lower in half and serve with lime wedges, candy chilli sauce and any remaining Thai basil leaves.

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Serves 12.