This refreshing, but easy, mix of inexperienced goodness comes filled with vitamin and immune-boosting ginger, splendid for delicate climate.


150g kale

1 handful cress; plus additional to garnish

300g pineapple flesh

2cm root ginger

1 lime; juiced

glowing mineral water


Step 1. 

Wash the kale and take away the exhausting stems. Rinse the cress, shake dry and drain on kitchen paper.

Step 2.

Roughly cube the pineapple. Peel and finely grate the ginger.

Step 3.

Mix the kale, cress, pineapple and ginger with the lime juice in a blender till clean. 

Step 4.

Divide between 4 glasses (approx. 300ml), high up with glowing water and serve garnished with cress.

Serves 4.