Whip up this vibrant pink dairy-free smoothie of seasonal fruit and veggies, full of beetroot to assist regulate blood strain.


250g vacuum-packed cooked beetroot

1 apple

1 banana

250g raspberries

4 pitted dates

2 tbsp flaxseeds

250ml orange juice


Step 1. 

Rinse the beetroot in a sieve, then chop. Halve the apple and take away the core. Then, peel and minimize the banana.

Step 2.

Reserve some raspberries for adornment.

Step 3.

Put the remaining raspberries in a blender with the apple, banana and beetroot. Add the dates, flaxseeds and orange juice earlier than blitzing collectively till clean and creamy. If crucial, add somewhat little bit of chilly water. 

Step 4. 

To serve, pour into some glasses and embellish with the reserved raspberries.

Serves 4.